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Ricky Alvarez


17 Ottobre 2009
If we can't have the money we want him back or at least his arm or his leg (the left instead).


9 Marzo 2005
Ricky Alvarez

I think he deserves an entire thread dedicated to him in this section.

What do you guys think of him?

I have to admit I was all wtf when we were linked to him,wasn't impressed when we bought him either thought we could've spend that money on better players but I must say I'm starting to love this player.Watching him lately which he immensely improved and seem to be getting better with each time I have to say he's worth every penny we paid.
Definately the future of our midfield along with Coutinho.:sbav

I'm also looking forward to the derby,I believe he should start since he had been great against lecce and parma + I don't think we should change a winning formula,he's really looking to be an important factor in our team.

forza Ricky!