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The 7 Serie A Titles stolen by Juventus Torino with Luciano Moggi should be cancelled


The 7 Serie A Titles stolen by Juventus Torino with Luciano Moggi should be cancelled

In response to Andreea Agnelli todays statement for Gazzetta dello Sport

"Inter 2006 is the title of the prescribed" adding "We chose Rome for this conference because Juventus Torino is used to playing games on the field (yeah right), and this is played right here in the capital. The facts that emerged from the process of Naples, the prosecutor Palaces explicit, express an unacceptable inequality of treatment. After understanding the Federal Council had already decided not to decide Calciopoli again, we have decided to attack the decision all courts available and we were ready to face all this. "


We would like to remind a short public ress release that synthesize best our opinion on the matter :

"If you don't believe that Luciano Moggi and his Juventus Torino friends in thefts have gone instantly mad in 2004-2005 selling their hearts to the devil only and starting cheating and stealing Serie A titles,after running a supposedly a ten years of totally immaculate behavior until then, then you should believe that all the Serie A titles won by Juventus Torino with Luciano Moggi as chief of staff, including the famous 97-98 stolen from Ronaldo’s Inter are rotten to the bones, like a bad apple.
All stolen by Juventus Torino from the first day of the season until the last.
(Paolo Ziliani)"

Yes you got it right, Mr. Andrea Agnelli ! We are asking for the full cancelation from football history of all 7 juventus titles stolen by Juventus Torino with Luciano Moggi.

Spread the truth world wide.

Ancient Mariner

Vice capitano
Everyone is already annoyed with Calciopolli. Less we talk about it it's better. They know about Juve.

Same old Juve always cheating! (quote)